Sunday, October 9, 2011

8th Cake – Farewell Kelly

We’ll Miss You!  I wanted to do something special for my sweet co-worker, Kelly.  We work together at 24 Hour Fitness.  Our co-worker and good friend to Kelly, Rebecca,  says she loves Hello Kitty and I thought with short notice I can pull something together on this.  My objective was to do a flawless buttercream cake.  I didn’t have enough time to pull together a Hello Kitty sculpture so I bought a Pez and put in place.  I had extra cake after cutting down the sides so I made some cake pops.  Cake was lemon with lemon-curd/buttercream filling.  Very good, so I heard :)  Top was a fluff of cotton candy…… Lesson learned, cotton candy shrinks up after being in the fridge.  The fluff was no longer fluffy :(  No more cotton Candy on cakes in the future. 

   photo 1 (6) copy

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