Sunday, October 9, 2011

10th Cake – 24 Hour Fitness

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I planned on making the cake for our picnic which was held on a Saturday and the Friday prior I was going to put it all together.  I ended up having a really bad day on Friday which turned out being a really bad headache on Saturday so I ended up not going to the picnic.  With that said, come Sunday I started putting the cake together and brought it in Tuesday. 

This is one of my favorites!  Loved making it and it also posed some challenges.  The athletic figures!  I started working on the figures a couple weeks prior. I had first done it with gumpaste; but for whatever reason it wasn’t coming out the way gumpaste should (See image to the right).  GYM ISSUES #1So I tried another option by making a batch of black royal icing and piping it over waxed paper and those came out beautiful BUT…..  1) They weren’t very sturdy and 2) OMG if someone ate those they would have BLACK teeth!  Wasn’t having that! So I decided to make new batch of gumpaste and as you see on the cake, they came out fabulous!  I printed out some silhouettes of these athletic figures and put it over  gumpaste and using an exacto knife cut each one out.  Let it stand over night, filed down the edges and then painted them with very black gel paste.

My other challenge, what the heck happened there!  URGH!  Not happy with that.  MMF – love the stuff but if you DO NOT knead it enough it will look like that.  I peeled it off and made a new batch and started all over again.  Now it’s perfect. 

   Marshmallow Fondant Messed Up 

What I loved most about this cake are of course the athletic figures and I love LOVE the topper.  I had saved some kettle bell images 24’s logo from the web and printed it out at my local Nob Hill store (Thank you Nob Hill for having an edible printer so I don’t have to buy me one) and cut and painted some stars silver (silver gel paste for paint) attached them to curled up wire stuck them in a flower votive that was inserted within the middle of the cake and WAHLA! 

Needless to say, making cakes pose challenges, and that as you should know about me by now, I’m all about.  Hit me with a challenge and my plan is to conquer it with success.  And that cake showed success. 

PS:  Each figure represents some of our people I work with:  The muscle guy is Emil.  The basketball player is Jasko, Stevie & Vili. The girl doing tricep dips is Brandy.  The spinner is Mel. The Exercise Ball overhead is Victoria.  I love my co-workers!  And they deserve to eat cake!

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