Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Sweet 16 Birthday Cake for a Sweet Girl

For a sweet girl.  This cake actually wasn't exactly suppose to come out like this.  It was suppose to have one more tier on top.  BUT!  after putting the crumb coat on this cake, my right hand literally gave out. I didn't know what in the world happened...... this has never happened to me before!  But all I could say, the next morning I couldn't even hold my coffee was that painful!  My husband, whom lives with Tendinitis, says you are using  your hand too much! 

I wrapped it up put on the brace that my son once had when he broke his hand and let it rest the full day.  I sat there and wondered "WOW, What would I do if I had no use of my right hand?!?!"  I live to do artistic things; whether it be cakes, photography, digital art..... and to live in pain the way I was that day was really an eye opener in so many different ways.  And WORK!  By trade I'm an Esthetician and that would just put a HUGE damper on making a living.

The cake ended up being decorated on top of the crumb coat.  Thank goodness I had all the elements done days prior.  The ribbon wrapped around the bottom was suppose to be fondant.  All in all the cake came out beautiful.  The crumb coat could have been smoother but I had to work with the abilities my right hand had left me.

Danielle loved her cake and it was plenty to feed everyone, with some leftover.  Cake flavor was Oreo Cookie with Oreo Cookie Vanilla filling.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DO YOU PIN? What is it and why do it?

Planning parties, weddings, photo-shoots, a trip,?  Create a board for your favorite recipes, crafts, bucket list, favorite websites.  <---------- These are all reasons you should pin.

  • Remember that bedding set you loved and saved within your favorites folder?  You go and look for it and you have to go through a bunch of different bookmarks spending wasted time figuring out which one it was.  With Pinterest, you don’t have that problem.  You just go to the board you put it under, find the image you pinned.  Easy Peasy!
  • Are you remodeling a room in your home?  Pin different ideas and when you need to refer to it, it’s all on that board.  Not to mention the links also with it….. Surprised smile Loving it
  • I read my favorite blogs everyday and when I find something of interest, I pin it.
  • Follow people located on Pinterest that have the same interest as you.  You just follow the board they have and every time they add something it appears on the front page of your Pinterest as a new pin and you have a choice to repin it to one of your boards.  Now you have the pin and the website where that pin is located.
  • Put the Pin on your browsers toolbar so you can easily pin different sites on the web. 
  • When I see something I want to share on my Facebook or I want to Tweet it, I can easily do that while pinning, just check the box and it automatically embeds to your social network of choice.

I’m addicted.  I have over 3,400 pins and it just grows and grows and grows.    If you aren’t pinning yet, then get started.  I promise you, you will be addicted and it will be your main reference to things you find interest in.  HAVE FUN! 

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