About Me

So everybody asks me how I got started or how did I learn all of this. I sit there and think to myself….. “How did I get started?” “Where did I learn all of this?” Here’s what I came up with. My family is full of artists. My mother had so many different art projects for us throughout our lives and from that we all carried it with us. I’ll never forget my mother’s cake she did for a baby shower. It had two carved booties atop a sheet cake that I thought was just amazing. Now back then we didn’t have the internet or vast sources as we do now; maybe a book and that’s it. My older brother is an amazing photographer, my little brother is an amazing oil painting artist and can draw like none other. Me? What did I become? Well my friends call me “Jack of all Trades” All I can say is if I see something and it appears to be a challenge, all the more reason for me to do it.

So how the cake decorating started? Well I “THINK” we can blame the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro of Carlos Bakery for that. I think I saw him doing something that looked almost impossible and of course my mind goes to where there is a challenge and I decide I’m going to try an impossible.
So my BFF’s daughter’s birthday is coming up and I call her and ask her if I can make her daughters cake? She of course says yes and puts her daughter on the phone with the idea of cake she would like to have. She tells me “I want red-velvet cake with cream cheese filling, sea turtles, big blue waves.”  I do a Google Search and came across Cake Central which has the largest source of cake resources one could ask for! 

normal_1254951185While searching all the beautiful cakes on Cake Central, I found this cake I wanted to make.   “What was I thinking?!?!?!? Well I was only going to do three tiers but imagine, I’ve never decorated a cake in my life and I choose this one?!?!?!?” Like I said, I like to challenge myself. Well in the end, this is how the cake came out and I must say for the first cake made I did a darn good job :)

Since making this first cake, I’m totally obsessed with making more.  Learning from vast sources is helping me to become Cosima’s Creative Cakes.  And I’m only doing this because my friends said it’s a must for me to do.   

The End:
Oh I have to meet the Cake Boss!  Why?
1) It’s his fault I started this – my husband isn’t to happy with him right now LOL
2) I’m Sicilian and so is he so we could have a lot of hands flying around while speaking to each other ;)
3) His show has made me LMAO & cry too. 
And finally and most importantly
He inspired me!