Sunday, October 9, 2011

7th Cake – MY FAVORITE!! – Made for my husband’s 50th Birthday



Presented on August 5th, 2011.  This is my favorite!  The most challenging thing about this cake was well the grapes.  If I had taken the time I needed to, to make these grapes I’m sure they would have come out much better.  But I really didn’t do my research on how to do it and would change this next time around. 


009The bottle was fairly easy for me.  Made of gum paste with a photo printed from my local Nob Hill store’s edible ink printer .  The bottle was airbrushed and then coated with corn syrup and alcohol to give it a glass affect.  Came out stunningly beautiful.  Only criticism I have on that is I don’t like the write border showing around the image.  

The sides are made with fondant and I did a wood grain with some tools.  I stamped “The Lake House” on the sides (Thanks John for helping the aligning of this – we had fun doing it).  The filler around the bottle happens to be fondant.  Well we tried pushing it through a pasta machine and for the most part it worked but it was a challenge.  Even Nonna was in on that challenge. 

The cake had five layers and multiple fillings.  There was far more cake then was eaten….. That is something I will have to learn to tackle….. making a cake for number of plates.  But overall it was a hit, my husband loved it and it was a weekend of cherished memories!

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