Sunday, October 9, 2011

2nd Cake – A disaster!

May 29th was when this cake was presented.  At least this was for my son’s 21st birthday celebration and only close friends were there.  LOL 

photo (13) 
I probably didn’t give myself enough time to do this cake. And I don't think it was dense enough because it fell :( The candy was really cool until I got to my destination and tried to put the can on the top of it and it crashed. TOTAL DISASTER. My son asked "Mom why don't you just make a regular round cake?" I tell him “cause..... I'm trying to be creative.” He laughed at me LOL.  PS:  He doesn’t like Fondant.  He says “Don’t put that paste on my cake.”
The cake was a white cake mix cake and I can’t remember if I densed it up or not but either way it wasn’t dense enough – LOL.  Stacked up with an orange-creme filling (probably put too much of that too and didn’t let it set in fridge long enough and that probably contributed to the fall) then covered with fondant and airbrushed it to look like a stein.  The foam on the top is meringue and the candy was cool until I was dumb enough to try and put the can on already hardened candy.  Oh well, lesson learned and hey they say you learn from your mistakes, right?  I’m ready to take that challenge again!  I know I can make this cake perfect next time! 

normal_1270144584 This was done by enchantedcreations on Cake Central and is what inspired me to make my son’s cake. 

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