Thursday, February 9, 2012


For Lizette's (one of 24 Hour Fitness/San Ramon's incredible Personal Trainers) birthday.  I knew she liked wine and always made comments on my husband's cake, so I knew exactly what to make for her.  It was a new recipe; chocolate cake with an espresso (Peet's Coffee's espresso) buttercream.  Covered in home made marshmallow fondant and hand painted.  I digitally created the image (see below) and had it printed out on edible sugar.  I wish I had my own printer so I could ensure it's color was more accurate.  A lot of times (surprisingly) the people that work within the stores bakery don't always know what they are doing.

The biggest complication of this cake is painting the bottle.  It's hard to get a look without drippings or brush strokes showing.  Takes a lot of patience and time.  One issue was the shortening which I use to smooth out some of the fondant in some areas.  Well shortening acts as a barrier.  Lesson learned: Eliminate shortening to smooth out fondant. Task: Find another way to smooth it out.

Wine Bottle Cake 2/9/12

Lizette & her Cake
After the cake is FINALLY cut.  She didn't want to cut it ;)
I created this label with multiple photos

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