Monday, February 13, 2012


 This cake is made for Stevie (A Personal Trainer) who collects Nike shoes.  Yup he has a collection.  I've seen a photo of his closet and I can tell you ladies, he has all you beat in the shoe collection!

I graphically designed a piece that would go along the side of the shoe.  Stevie  always has a unique way of verbally expressing himself.  One of his clients, and a personal friend of mine, gave me some of those sayings he uses so uniquely.  I added my personal favorite he says ..... EEEE'YEAH.

Pretty much all my cakes are first time creations for me.  This one I thought would be pretty simple but it was harder then I thought it would be.  Maybe it would have been easier if I had given myself more time. 

First and most frustrating, I ended up wasting about 1-1/2 hours at the bakery getting an edible sugar sheet printed out.  The lady in the bakery didn't know what she was doing.  Tried printing it out three times (wasting those precious and expensive sugar sheets and edible ink) to tell me after waiting about 30 minutes, I have to wait for the other girl to return from lunch to have it printed because she couldn't get it right.  "URGH!" I hate when my time is wasted!  After another 45 minutes I finally got my sugar sheet done but not good enough.  So I need to work with what I had. --------> I need to just buy my own machine.  After I spend the $ on this so many times, it'll be paid off and I can do it right THE FIRST TIME.

My start time was 3:30pm Sunday, February 12th.  My end time, 10pm Sunday night.

1) I took 1-1/2 large frozen sheet cakes and a template 
and cut four layers.  Filled with buttercream, then
put back into the fridge to set up firm. After set, I 
began carving.  My one dislike on my carving was
I wish I had made the front more narrow.  

2) RKT added to make the back of the shoe and 
the tongue

3) After completely carved, I crumb coated with
the vanilla buttercream.  Now back to the fridge
to set up.  Then pulled out and smoothed. 
Repeated this a couple of times.

After crumb coat is set, I covered with fondant and decorated. 
I was tired and got lazy and instead of rolling the white fondant
out in one full piece to cover, I did it in pieces.  NOT the way
I would do this next time.  Makes it for a messy look and in turn
ended up taking longer.  

I was not satisfied with this look that you see above and it 
bothered me all night.  Yup another sleepless night!  
Which means I got up at 4am and pulled off some pieces to
replace with others.  Finished the shoe laces, then placed on the
cake board that had been decorated earlier with wording and ribbon.

The finished cake :)

Stevie was HAPPY :)

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